Front Page, DENTA LIFE
Front Page, DENTA LIFE

The dental laboratory Denta-Life was founded in 1992 and is equipped with hi-end latesr technology. Specializing in creating excellent real and removable prosthetic restorations such as:

  • immovable and removable prosthetic restorations, thermoplastics
  • inplants
  • telescopic works
  • hoops, Abutment, zirconium bridges
  • holoceramic works by cutting

The founders of the workshop Denta-Life Giannis Minakis Vassilis Kourtoglou & Nikos Samaras, have the vision of excellent quality of services and excellent cooperation with dentists and patients.

The overall quality of the work of our laboratory is for granted. Our company is based on continuous improvement and continuous updating of  our knowledge and technology in accordance with the latest developments in the field

.The staff working in the lab has 20 years of experience and  modern knowledge, which is updating constantly watching conferences and seminars.

Mettalion Taurou 15 (2nd floor) 56224, Evosmos - Thessaloniki